On First Roach Pond
Kokadjo, Maine
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Bear Hunter's Check List:

Weapons: .270’s and the .30 calibers are all good choices, as are shotguns with slugs and muzzle loaders. .44 mag and larger hand guns with a good solid-base bullet, and bows and crossbows are also effective options. Sight guns in for 30 yards. We will check all guns at the range before hunting.

Clothing: Dark camo clothing head to toe, hat, face mask and gloves. Must be quiet clothing. Scent elimination is a must, so keep your hunting clothes scent free. Clothes should be warm weather or something comfortable for 40° - 65° and sitting still for about 4 hours. Also bring rain gear, just in case. Flashlight or headlamp
Pee bottle (you don’t want to get in and out of the tree stand)
Boots: I prefer rubber boots or at least rubber bottoms
Coolers to take your meat back in
Slippers or something to slip into when you get back to the lodge (no muddy, bloody boots worn in the lodge, please)
Rain Gear: quiet, dark camo pattern
Seat Cushions are good and everyone needs a safety harness for the tree stands. We have extra harnesses, if you do not have one.

You will need proof of a current hunting license in your home state or proof of completing a hunter safety course in order to get your Maine hunting license. Maine hunting licenses can be obtained prior to coming to Maine by logging onto Maine Inland Fisheries & Wildlife. Don’t forget, you need a big game license or archery license and a bear permit.

A fishing license is also required, if you intend to fish. The fly-fishing-only Roach River can be spectacular in September. Fishing licenses are also available locally, if you’d like to wait until you’ve taken your bear.