Bear Hunting

Six hunters, six bears

Maine has a growing bear population estimated at around 26,000 animals. We have the highest bear density per square mile of all the lower 48 states. This population exits in the northern half of the state. We live in bear country. We specialized in bear hunting over bait. We limit our number of hunters to 10-12 per week for the four-week season, which runs the month of September.

We customize your hunt to match the weapon of your choice, bow, gun or muzzleloader. We have a very high success rate, with most hunters seeing multiple bear during their hunt. We escort you each day to and from your tree stand. We do all of the baiting and we guarantee active bait sites. This is a full service hunt.

Our tree stands are a 2-foot x 2-foot platform on top of a 14-foot ladder with a ratchet strap holding the stand to the tree. These stands are easy to get in and out of, comfortable and safe. We will also accommodate those hunters that prefer to be on the ground by building ground blinds.

We have taken several bears that have made the Pope & Young record book and the Maine Skull & Antler Club. Most of the bears taken, dress out 150-200 pounds and occasionally, bears are taken in the 300-400 pound range.

The cost of a bear hunt is $1,800.00 and includes Guide fee and seven nights in the lodge with meals. The only additional cost is your hunting license and butchering provided by a local shop.

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DW & Rob & Rick and 440-lb dressed bear


Deer Hunting

Wayne & two deer

The lodge is surrounded by hundreds of thousands of acres owned by large paper companies, all open to hunting. The terrain varies from large cedar and spruce swamps to high, open hardwood ridges with open clear cuts scattered throughout most of the area.

The deer grow large because of the abundance of feed associated to the large cutting operations and beech ridges. In addition, the hunting pressure is low, resulting in mature bucks being harvested. Many deer are taken with a dressed weight over 200#, with occasional deer dressing 260-280#.

Leonard and deer
Mark and deer

Eight- to 10-pointers are common, however, the deer in our area consume much of their nutrition to make it through the winters, which results in few large Boon and Crocket racks. 130-140 class is common with an occasional 150-170 class animal.

Peak rut is the second and third week of November. The weather can range from mid-40's to below zero with wind, rain and snow. Most years, snow has fallen by the third and fourth week of November.

The season starts with bow-hunting the month of October, November is gun hunting and the first week of December is muzzle loading.

DW & Ron with deer

Types of hunts available include stand hunts, tracking and still-hunting. You can do it on your own or choose a guided hunt.








3 or more


 *(Prices include lodging and full meal plan)

Moose Hunting

Dominic and moose
Jeff and moose

Maine has a moose herd of approximately 35,500 animals, which provides some of the best hunting to be found in the lower 48 states. The moose benefit from the large abundance of food found in our ponds and new growth provided from large tree harvesting operations in our area. Moose having dressed weights up to 1000# with antler spreads of 50-60 inches are common.

We specialize in making these hunts the trip of a lifetime and we will customize your hunt to meet your expectations. We hunt mostly by spot and stalk and by calling. Hunts by canoe are also available.

Moose hunting is by lottery, permit only. The season is the second week of October and applications are available by contacting the Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Department. If you need help in getting or filling out an application, please call us.

The cost of a moose hunt is $3,000.00. It includes Guide fee and seven nights with meals in the lodge.

Wayne & Tom with moose
Wayne Jr. & Sr. with moose

Coyote Hunting

With no season on coyotes, coyote hunting provides a year-round challenge. Choose to sit over one of our baits or enjoy the excitement of bringing one of these shy and wary creatures to your call. This area abounds in coyotes which offer plenty of hunting excitement between big game seasons. $150.00 per day over bait.
Wayne and coyote
Wayne and coyotes

Small Game

Rabbit hunting

Our area has an abundance of snowshoe hares, offering some of the finest hound hunting in the state. You can hunt over our hounds or bring your own.

In addition, we have some of the best grouse-hunting habitat with many days resulting in 20-30 flushes. Again, you can hunt with our dog or bring your own.

Please call, prices vary depending on the length of your stay and your guiding needs.

Snowshoe Hare $200.00 per day (for two hunters).
Bird Hunting w/ dog $300.00 per day

Bunny hunting

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