Moose Hunting in Maine

Wayne & Tom with moose

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Maine has a moose herd of approximately 35,500 animals, which provides some of the best hunting to be found in the lower 48 states. The moose benefit from the large abundance of food found in our ponds and new growth provided from large tree harvesting operations in our area. Moose having dressed weights up to 1000# with antler spreads of 50-60 inches are common.

We specialize in making these hunts the trip of a lifetime and we will customize your hunt to meet your expectations. We hunt mostly by spot and stalk and by calling. Hunts by canoe are also available.

Moose hunting is by lottery, permit only. The season is a split two-week season, the last week of September and the second week of October, and applications are available by contacting the Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Department. If you need help in getting or filling out an application, please call us.

The cost of a moose hunt is $3,600.00. It includes Guide fee and seven nights with meals in the lodge.

Licenses are available locally or online at:

A valid hunting license or proof of hunter safety must be provided.

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