Any day fishing beats a day working!

Guided Fishing Trips

Northern Pride Lodge sits on First Roach Pond by the head of the Roach River and is surrounded by mountain ponds. Excellent fishing is right at hand and your Registered Master Maine Guide, Wayne, knows this area like, well, his own back yard!  Which indeed it is.  All the needed equipment is provided or bring your own fishing gear.  Licenses are available locally and on-line.

First Roach Pond

Eight miles long with clear, cold waters up to 130 feet deep, this water is known for its salmon, lake trout (togue, locally) and brook trout fishing. You can bring your own boat and gear or take advantage of our guided fishing trips in our 16-foot Lund, equipped with down riggers and all of the gear needed to provide you with a memorable day of fishing.

The pristine lake feeds the famous Roach River which flows into Moosehead Lake. A run along the remote section of the Roach River in which brook trout and lake run salmon thrive.

This is a  fly fishing only, catch and release fishery of great appeal to the purist.

Roach River

Flowing into Moosehead Lake, this six mile river is more like a stream than the rivers we fish from a drift boat. It averages less than 50 feet wide and flows quickly over riffles and runs between numerous pools that hold salmon and brook trout up to 3 lbs. It is the only stream in Maine that has fly fishing only, catch and release regulation.

Wayne has spent years exploring this water and can take you to the best spots and show you the best techniques. Wading this trophy river provides exciting action using streamers, nymphs and dry flies at various times. A 4 wt. or 5 wt. outfit is just right. Bring your own gear or we can provide name brand equipment and the right flies.  Along with expert advice, naturally.

Native Brook Trout in Remote Ponds

The most overlooked and underutilized fishery is our spectacular selection of ponds. The region's ponds see very light fishing pressure and can offer eager, wild fish and some wild action! One of the most productive times is during the Green Drake hatch in July. Big flies bring big fish to the surface in the evening, cruising and gulping as many as they can find. We often catch our biggest brookies this way.

Wayne can guide you to productive ponds that you will rarely share with any other anglers. All the necessary equipment is provided.

Getting to these ponds is always a lot of fun with abundant wildlife encounters.  The serene settings are a treat in themselves.

Smallmouth Bass, spectacular action and under-fished!

Much of the emphasis is placed on the glamour species of brook trout and salmon leaving the scrappy smallmouth bass unmolested, eager to strike and able to grow to trophy size. Our cold, clear waters keep the bass in or near shallow waters providing excitement for top water lures and fly fishing.

If you have never had a 3 pound bass nail a popper, you're in for an explosive experience! Many fish are in the 2 lb. range and 4 pounders have been caught (and released). Guided trips to local hotspots can be fun, action filled days with kids or first-timers. Experienced fisherman can use established bass techniques with either conventional gear or ply the waters from the casting platform with flies and poppers for bass that will make you want to rest your arm before casting for another!


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