Eight- to 10-pointers are common!

Whitetail Deer Hunting in Maine

The lodge is surrounded by hundreds of thousands of acres owned by large paper companies, all open to hunting. The terrain varies from large cedar and spruce swamps to high, open hardwood ridges with open clear cuts scattered throughout most of the area.

The deer grow large because of the abundance of feed associated to the large cutting operations and beech ridges. In addition, the hunting pressure is low, resulting in mature bucks being harvested. Many deer are taken with a dressed weight over 200#, with occasional deer dressing 260-280#.

Eight- to 10-pointers are common, however, the deer in our area consume much of their nutrition to make it through the winters, which results in few large Boon and Crocket racks. 130-140 class is common with an occasional 150-170 class animal.

Peak rut is the second and third week of November. The weather can range from mid-40's to below zero with wind, rain and snow. Most years, snow has fallen by the third and fourth week of November.

The season starts with bow-hunting the month of October, November is gun hunting, and the first week of December is muzzle loading.

Types of hunts available include stand hunts, tracking and still-hunting. You can do it on your own or choose a guided hunt. (Prices include room and board and three meals/day)

Licenses are available locally or online.

A valid hunting license or proof of hunter safety must be provided.


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