Hunting Pricing

Unguided (Deer, Grouse, Hare)

$125.00/person/day* (double occupancy)
$150.00/person/day* (single occupancy)

Guided (weekly rates) †

1x1 $2600.00*
2x1 1705.00*
3x1 1405.00*

Bear (over bait) $3200.00*         (additional $50.00/day for nonhunter to accompany hunter to stand)

Moose (by permit) $6600.00* The price is for TWO people; the permittee and the subpermittee.

* includes lodging and full meal plan

Guided (daily rates) †

Coyote (over bait) $350.00


Tipping is always appreciated for all the hard work , effort and knowledge that goes into our guided hunts and fishing trips.

It is always discretionary but 15-20% of the trip total is customary.

NOT tipping your guide tells them that they provided a substandard experience. PLEASE let us know if this is ever the case so that we have an opportunity to correct whatever problem you are experiencing.


† All guided hunting trips require a 50% nonrefundable deposit. Please consider trip insurance to cover any changes in your plans.